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  2. Southern African Bird Atlas Project 2
  3. Millions of migratory birds in Germany draw nature lovers
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Photo: David Liittschwager. Where birds thrive, people prosper.

From urban centers to rural towns, each community can provide important habitat for native birds. In turn, birds offer us a richer, more beautiful, and healthful place to live.

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Over the past century, urbanization has taken, fragmented, and transformed ecologically productive land with sterile lawns and exotic ornamental plants. The human-dominated landscape no longer supports functioning ecosystems or provides healthy places for birds.

Each community has a unique ecological and cultural story to tell. We can restore and reconnect these places.

Southern African Bird Atlas Project 2

We can reestablish the ecological functions of our cities and towns. We can provide an essential, safe habitat for birds.

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With simple acts of hope, everyone can help make their community bird-friendly. Glass and lights present major hazards to birds, killing hundreds of millions of birds each year. Birds hit buildings at all hours during the day and night.

Millions of migratory birds in Germany draw nature lovers

At night migrating birds can be distracted by bright lights in our cities. During the day the problem is reflection or other confusing aspects of glass. Audubon chapters, centers and programs across the country are working to make buildings safer for birds - both day and night.

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  • South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Mozambique, Malawi.
  • From Prothonotary Warblers and Chimney Swifts to Osprey and Burrowing Owls, many species of birds can be given a better chance to survive and thrive through a little assistance from structures we build—birdhouses, roosting towers, nest platforms, and artificial burrows. For some species, these structures tip the scales back in their favor, reducing declines in populations and restoring species to places they once inhabited.

    Purpose-built structures such as nest boxes, burrows, platforms, or roosting towers can help bird populations rebound. This year's Audubon Photography Awards introduced a new category that requires entrants to know their fauna and their flora.

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    Step-by-step instructions for building a home that Mountain, Eastern, and Western Bluebirds will enjoy. Terms and Conditions This username must be unique, cannot be edited and will be used in the URL to your profile page across the entire News24 News.

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    List of official city birds

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