The Love Song of J. Edgar Hoover (Masters of Crime Book 9)

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I always enjoy Kinky's books. This story was a bit slow but his writing is always enjoyable and I love the characters. I wish I would have done a better job of reading his books in order but they are enjoyable still the same. I love is humor. Oct 13, Lorlee rated it liked it. Nov 03, Judi rated it liked it Shelves: read-in Kinky Friedman, the protagonist not the author is an ex-country western singer turned private eye. As in all hard-boiled detective novels, a beautiful woman seeks his services. She wants him to find her missing husband.

Meanwhile, Kinky's best friend, journalist Mike McCarthy, sees green men, receives calls from an improbable year old mobster, has problems with his electrical appliances and finally, has visits from what appear to be Men In Black. The story is zany and the one-liners are ex Kinky Friedman, the protagonist not the author is an ex-country western singer turned private eye.

The story is zany and the one-liners are exceptional. I could quote lines to you from this whole book but then you'd still have to read it because the story is what really makes it. I suppose what surprised me most is the tie in to Sherlock Holmes. OK, he drops name, including his own, throughout the book, and I get a kick out of his reference to a fictional detective. Go figure! I picked up this book at at Building 19 sometime last year. I didn't read it right away because when I got home I noticed that the back cover photo was taken by Don Imus of the Morning fame and someone I think is a jerk.

So, I figured Friedman had the same immature sense of humor. Edgar Hoover, just to see if I should pass it on -- or not. I started to laugh. And then I was hooked and ended up finishing the book by the next day. Maybe Kinky Friedman is a jerk, but he sure is a funny one.

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Amazingly enough, I discovered that I own an autographed copy. I mean for real, the pen marks are dents on the page! Just goes to show you never know what you'll find in a bargain store Jan 15, Frederick rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Fans of Humor. Shelves: humor , mystery , hilarious-title , friedman-kinky. I'm giving the Kinky Friedman books which I'm selecting five stars each, because their titles are so funny. I'll go so far as to explain this particular title.

Edgar Hoover, of course, was head of the FBI from its inception until his death in or so.

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He was ubiquitous. Every American recognized him. He had a sullen face and disturbing hair with no part, combed back with greasy kid stuff over a dome which held the secrets of the good and the bad alike. Eliot wrote a poem, famous I'm giving the Kinky Friedman books which I'm selecting five stars each, because their titles are so funny.

Eliot wrote a poem, famous in the mid-twentieth century and not really famous anymore called "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock. Oct 30, Tara rated it liked it. While reading a book about the state and the blame of our country's finances, I wanted a break I wanted to read something painless and light-hearted. It has the typical plot twists one would expect from a mystery novel. Kink While reading a book about the state and the blame of our country's finances, I wanted a break Kinky is a stitch. The book is often un-PC and off-color and also filled with some pretty smart and witty references.

It served its purpose; it entertained me. Somteimes I am very easy to please. Dickens: a fellow passenger to the grave Willie: if you ain't crazy, something's wrong with you Jan 11, Glen rated it liked it. This was my first foray into Friedmanland, and I enjoyed it. The plot takes a back seat to the characterizations and the vulgar, at times hilarious, at times droll, voice of the author and protagonist, the eponymous private detective, Kinky.

My President Was Black

Sometimes the story reads like a vehicle for the one-liners, so that the tail of humor wags the dog of narrative flow, but for amusement one could do worse. For a good time, read Kinky. Oct 06, Nathan rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Liberal fans of Texas politics. Shelves: fiction.

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Only Kinky Friedman could write a book featuring F. Love Song of J. Edgar Hoover is the classic American detective novel stood flat on its head. There's a reason Joseph Heller, author of Catch quite possibly the funniest and most profound work of Western Literature , praises Friedman. Edgar Hoover reads like a slightly quirkier Raymond Chandler story, and it is hard to put down and harder still to not enjoy.

Sep 28, Steve Sarrica rated it liked it Shelves: mystery. Edgar Hoover" is a pretty-much-by-the-numbers hard-boiled detective yarn that sets itself apart with searing wit and laugh-out-loud humor. The story is a bit thin and the resolution is perfunctory, but the journey is the reward.

I think there is more Kinky Friedman in my future. Apr 20, Katie rated it really liked it Recommends it for: kinksters ;-.


Feb 15, ElizaBeth rated it liked it. While I did like this book, I couldn't help but compare him to Tom Robbins, and Robbins is infinitely my preferred author similar to my comparison between Isabel Allende and Gabriel Garcia Marquez, in which Allende seems to copy his style but doesn't hold a candle to his quality. Jan 31, Lee rated it it was ok. I love Kinky but he was too cute in this one. Too much wise cracking on every page. An easy read and pleasant. Sep 07, Clif Smith rated it really liked it.

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