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The stories were revised and reprinted in the Collected Works in Verse and Prose but not published again in Yeats's lifetime. John Sherman , Yeats's only completed attempt at realistic fiction, details the title character's dilemma: He must choose between life in London and marriage to Margaret Leland, an English girl, and life in Ireland and marriage to a childhood sweetheart, Mary Carton.

John Sherman and Dhoya by William Butler Yeats #audiobook

In addition to containing numerous autobiographical elements for instance, the town of Ballah is modeled on Yeats's Sligo , the novelette treats many of Yeats's persistent themes, such as the debate between nationality and cosmopolitanism and the conflict between what he would later call the Self and the Anti-Self. Occasionally, the website mis-applies a block from a previous visitor.

viaLibri ~ John Sherman and Dhoya

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John Sherman and Dhoya

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